How to Get Fit For Summer!

Hi everyone! SO summer is right around the corner and of course everyone wants to look and feel there best! I’m not saying you need to get in shape just for summer to look beautiful in a bikini because you will look amazing in any size, but I know some people want to lose some weight for summer. I have 7 tips that I do to help me get fit and it has been nothing but amazing help for me!

  1. Don’t make a deadline.
    Making deadlines are terrible (in my opinion). I realize this post is “how to get fit for summer” because maybe this does work for some people but i advise you to make it a lifestyle choice. Every year I would tell myself I need to lose weight for summer and when summer rolled around and I wasn’t the weight I wanted to be, I was so upset and aggravated with myself. It was awful, I was putting so much pressure on myself to get the body I wanted in a timeline. Don’t make a deadline for yourself, make it a lifestyle choice instead.Calendar
  2. Drink lots of water!!
    I drink about 10-12 water bottles a day and it has helped me so much. First you need to keep your body hydrated so drinking water is extremely good for the body. Also, when you think you’re hungry a lot of the time you’re actually just thirsty. Before munching out on the first thing you can find, drink a cup of water and see if you’re still hungry! water_bottle_2586
  3. Be active everyday.
    I’m not saying you need to run 13 miles everyday and do high intensity workouts because lets be real here…thats very unrealistic (unless you’re an athlete I guess) but you should try to be active for at least 30 minutes everyday. Even if its just jumping on the treadmill, going for a walk or doing some jumping jacks; being active everyday will make such a difference for your body.couple-preparing-for-jogging.jpg
  4. Meal Prep.
    I can’t even tell you enough how much meal prepping saved me from eating bad food!! When i’m hungry and I don’t want to spend the time making a healthy meal I go to the quickest food I can find which usually ends up being chips. I started to meal prep my lunches for the week and every day when I would get hungry I would already have this pre-cooked HEALTHY meal ready for me! It’s so easy and convenient, not to mention it saves you from having chips and cookies for lunch.tumblr_inline_n22voxSmdR1s9g1uy.jpg
  5. Don’t be hard on yourself.
    YOU ARE ONLY HUMAN!! Seriously don’t be too hard on yourself. You are trying and putting an effort in. I was always way too hard on myself and that leaded to me giving up. Keep a positive mindset and realize that you are trying, you will succeed your goal one day and it doesn’t need to be over night.huffingtonpost-com2.jpg
  6. Buy clothes that fit.
    I did this so many times and I really wish i hadn’t. I would buy clothes of the size I wanted to be instead of buying clothes that actually fit my body. THEN I would tell myself to lose the weigh so I would be able to fit the clothes I bought. I did this for so long and still have the clothes that are way too small for me and honestly, I won’t ever fit them because I would have to lose a lot of weight and be very unhealthy. So please, buy clothes that fit you and your body.qshrvf-l-610x610-sweater-light+pink-girly-spring-winter-summer-fluffy+sweater-cute-outfit-tumblr+outfit-style-fashion-casual-casual+wear-v+neck+sweater
  7. Don’t restrict yourself too much.
    I would always try be super healthy and never have any treats which made it SO much harder to stay away from them. I’ve learned if you restrict yourself too much, you’ll eventually binge out on everything you were missing. I would go crazy with chocolate and eat way too much because i didn’t have it for a whole month. Instead, treat yourself! Now I buy dark chocolate and have it once a week. Dark chocolate is actually pretty healthy for you and doctors recommend to have a piece every so often. Now since i’m not restricting myself from the foods I love, I never binge out and go crazy. It’s all about balance.
    I hope you liked these tips! They work amazing for me and I hope they work for you as well!xo

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